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Alexandra Magalhaes ZEINER

Alexandra is a Brazilian mother and researcher with a Master's degree in marine biology from Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada. She has worked with marine mammals and environmental issues in Brazil, Holland, Croatia and Canada. She uses water as a medium to promote healing while working as a bilingual writer and Watsu practitioner in Austria and Germany.

The Pink Dolphin's Son, a legend of the peoples of the Amazon, presents issues of culture, intergenerational respect and responsible environmental management in a readable and enjoyable story-telling format.

In the Amazon forest everything is connected and the water connects all worlds, the real and unreal. The river opens the doors of the enchanted world and only dolphins can guide humans to this magical place. Pedro is the son of the pink dolphin and his father talks to him in his dreams. He asks Pedro to rescue and save from danger the enchanted world of the Amazon forest. Guided by his dreams, Pedro will count on his family and his friends to find a solution to preserve his home and the river, where the enchanted world lies.