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  • Konstitisyon Repiblik Ayiti 1987

    Konstitisyon Repiblik Ayiti 1987

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    The Haitian constitution. In Haitian CreoleCat. #: B010  $7.50
  • Mommy, Tell me About Haiti

    Mommy, Tell me About Haiti

    by Jeanine Agnant & Alexandra Barbot

    Bilingual version of Mommy, Tell me About Haiti. Jeanine Agnant shares her memories about Haiti, the land, and the culture with her granddaughter, Josephine, to connect the generat… $19.50
  • Istwa Ayiti

    Istwa Ayiti

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    From Columbus to Duvalier with illustrations. (in Haitian Creole). For Soc. Sciences. 134 pp.Cat. #: B026  $15.00
  • Istwa Etazini

    Istwa Etazini

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    The History of The United States from Columbus to Modern time, with some illustrations.Language: Haitian CreoleCat. #: B027  $15.00
  • Haitian History and Culture

    Haitian History and Culture

    by In collaboration with the Center for Applied Linquisities CAL

    In Haitian History and Culture the authors provide comprehensive information over the land, people, economy, history, and education of Haitians. The book also explores language and… $15.00
  • Haiti Notebook

    Haiti Notebook

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    A guide to learning basic research skills as well as learning about the story, culture and geography of Haiti. (In English) 80 pp.Cat. #: B042  $14.00
  • Writing About The History of Haiti

    Writing About The History of Haiti

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Writing skill connection for children.Cat. #: B050 Fequiere Vilsaint $5.50
  • Général Paul Eugène Magloire, Une Biographie Politique

    Général Paul Eugène Magloire, Une Biographie Politique

    by Dr. Raymond Bernadin

    Il y a de cela un demi-siècle, un homme, sorti du sein de l'Armée d'Haïti, faisait son apparition sur la scène politique, qu'il allait dominer… $25.00