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  • English Haitian Creole Word to Word Dictionnary

    English Haitian Creole Word to Word Dictionnary

    SKU: B000

    by Fèquière Vilsaint and Jean-Evens Berret

    Current and comprehensive entries of over 34,000 terms in a parallel-language format. Covers a broad range of subjects, including the arts, business and commerce, history, industry… $24.50
  • Diksyonè Kreyòl Vilsen

    Diksyonè Kreyòl Vilsen

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Diksyonè Kreyòl Vilsen se premye diksyonè monoleng ki pibliye nan lang Kreyòl. Jodi a, li rive nan twazyèm edisyon.  Nan men elèv yo li se yon zouti pou devlope vokabilè, apra… $24.50
  • Je m Louvri

    Je m Louvri

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    From the introduction: " Je m Louvri is a step by step Haitian-Creole / English literacy book. It was developed to provide beginning reading and writing skills to Haitian adult and… $16.00 Select Options
  • Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs

    Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs

    by Emmanuel W. Védrine

    Cat # B030  With Phrases and Idioms, 8.5 x 11 in. 244 pages.Emmanuel W. VedrineISBN Number: 9781584320710 $19.50 Select Options
  • Haitian Creole Reader

    Haitian Creole Reader

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    A collection of text in Haitian Creole with introduction in English. Size:             8.5 x 11 inches Cat. Number: B044  ISBN Num… $11.90 Select Options