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  • A Rose in Full Bloom

A Rose in Full Bloom

by Rosie Bourget



Dealing With Grief and Bereavement! People experience things in as many different ways. We think we are greater than our feelings, we try to suppress them and bury them deep within our hearts, but they eventually come back to haunt us again later in life. The loss of a family member is probably one of the hardest emotional experiences we ever have to endure. The death of a brother or sister comes with its own unique set of thoughts and feelings. It can be confusing and distressing at times, no matter what your age. As I grieve my sister Chantale, I do not focus on her death, rather on her life. I talk to her as if she were still alive. Not many people realize how hard it is to lose a sibling. No one who has not experienced it can understand how it changes your life and how it really affects you. The loss of a loved one leaves a gaping hole in our lives. A hole that is deep and hard to fill. It will eventually heal, but it does take time. However, the thing that helped me the most was to concentrate not on my loss, but on all the times that we shared and how fortunate I was to have her in my life. She passed, but she is always with me. It did not take me long to understand that losing a sibling is a lifetime journey, something that will never stop. I will always remember my sister! Over all, appreciate and treasure your siblings, never take them for granted, live each day like it could be yours or their last, it very well could be. "One must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one has lived." Paul Charles Joseph Bourget (18521935), French novelist, "Conclusion" Le Démon de Midi (1914).