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  • Alix Se Fawouchè

Alix Se Fawouchè

Koleksyon Bon Sitwayen

by Maude Heurtelou



In Haitian Creole 

Alix the Bully tells the story of a boy who intimidates the kids in his neighborhood. He is self centered, he is defiant and he enjoys humiliating the other kids. Some of the kids are scared of him, some aren't, but, all of them are uneasy around him. What will happen when the kids take a distance from Alix? Would the kids be intimidated? Who will be bored? This book is an introduction to bullying. It's one of the titles from the Good Citizen Collection.

Cat #: B818
ISBN #: 9781626329336 

The Good Citizen Collection of 10 titles in French

The Good Citizen Collection of 20 titles in Haitian Creole 

Keywords: fawouche - fawouchè - bully - bullying - timid