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  • Anaëlle ak Lasirèn

Anaëlle ak Lasirèn

by Riva Nyri Précil



This story follows Anaëlle, a young girl from Jacmel on an undersea quest to retrieve her favorite hat from the mystical creatures of the Haitian seas, including Mr Lanbi, tropical birds, colorful whales, and mermaids who live in an underwater palace where they keep all items lost in the ocean. While on her journey, Anaëlle learns about sharing and the art of giving. Whether or not it was all a dream is up to the reader to decide. This book highlights traditional Haitian culture and is written in Haitian Creole. 

In Haitian History and Culture the authors provide comprehensive information over the land, people, economy, history, and education of Haitians. The book also explores language and literacy in Haiti, health and health services, family life, and religion. New to the 2011 edition are a section on the 2010 election, one on the tragic hurricanes and earthquake of 2010, and a section on Haiti's national parks. The book contains Haiti's significant holidays, Haitian proverbs, and a brief yet thorough explanation of Haitian Creole. Overall, this book is a basic introduction to the people, history and culture of Haiti for service providers with Haitian clients or students.

Anaelle ak Lasirèn

48pp. 8 x 8 in. 

Cat. #: B1147