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  •  Bout ke Lilit / Lilit's Tail

Bout ke Lilit / Lilit's Tail

by Malisa Makso



Bilingual English / Haitian Creole. 

A book about difference that teaches children the value of loving themselves as they are. A book about self acceptance told through a story of a lizard. 

Part of Karamel collection of 20 titles (see Catalog # SP012KE for entire collection) Monolingual version also available in Haitian Creole. 

List of books in that collection:
-Inside and Outside / Anndan ak deyò (Catalog #: B309)
-Ten Parakeets / Dis Jako (Catalog #: B310)
-Lilit's Tale / Bout ke Lilit (Catalog #: B311)
-Beside Miss Spider / Bokote Madan zariyen (Catalog #: B312)
-The Party/ Fèt La (Catalog #: B313) -Big and Small / Gwo ak piti (Catalog #: B314)
-Apricot, Green and Purple / Jòn abriko vèt ak mòv (Catalog #: B315)
-Little Monkey's Body / Kò ti makak la (Catalog #: B316)
-Day and Night / Lajounen ak lannuit (Catalog #: B317)
-Mr. Frog is Full / Misye Krapo balonnen (Catalog #: B318)
-The Mosquito who Caught a Cold / Moustik la gen tous (Catalog #: B319)
-The Wedding between Rose and Hibiscus / Nòs Woz ak Choublak (Catalog #: B320)
-The Purple Butterfly / Papiyon Mòv la (Catalog #: B321)
-The Bear's Week / Semèn lous la (Catalog #: B322)
-Five Senses / Senk sans yo (Catalog #: B323)
-Three Snail Sisters / Twa Sè Kalmason (Catalog #: B324)
-The Selfish Frog / Ti Krapo egoyis (Catalog #: B325)
-The Bull's Treasure/ Trezò Towo Bèf (Catalog #: B326)
-Little Ducks / Ti kana yo (Catalog #: B327)
-Yellow, Blue and Red / Jòn, ble ak wouj (Catalog #: B330)

Catalog #: B311
ISBN Number: 9781584328315