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  • Carnival of Love:  A Tale of  Bahamian Family

Carnival of Love: A Tale of Bahamian Family

by Ernestia Fraser



Carnival of Love is a memoir that explores the meaning of love and family in a fractured household. Set in the Bahamas, the story is told through the eyes of Maria Helix, one of nine children growing up in a stable and loving environment. With the sudden breakup of her comfortable family life and home, Maria is forced to confront the realities of loss, conflict, and economic instability triggered by her parent's separation and divorce. She paints an honest picture of her family, giving insight to the ways various relatives responded to the unsettling situation and uncertain future of the family. The culture and landscape of the Bahamas are very much a part of the book, particularly the traditional importance of family in island life. When that structure is broken, members of the family have to reconfigure the meaning of that center while maintaining the integrity of honest, deep rooted connections with each other. This book will ring true, particularly for young adult readers, with its straightforward writing, flashes of humor, and hard won wisdom.

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