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  • Teacher's Guide For Haitian Creole Language Art Series

    Teacher's Guide For Haitian Creole Language Art Series

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Guide to accompany the books in the series: Ale, Fefe ak Kikit, se fèt Mako, kote linèt Mèmè, lekòl tòti la,Jak ak Mak, Yon ti pa sou chemen an. Kaye elèv for fefe ak kikit B500, k… $19.50
  • Haitian Art Trivia

    Haitian Art Trivia

    by Marlene Apollon

    From the Preface, "The purpose of this book is to (1)encourage young readers' curiosity not only about Haitian art but also about Haiti and Haitian people, and (2) to teac… $19.50
  • Istwa Pwezi Kreyòl Ayiti

    Istwa Pwezi Kreyòl Ayiti

    by Michel-Ange Hyppolite

    The history of Haitian Creole poetry, in haitian creole. 266 pp. Cat. #: B160  $15.50
  • Atis Ayisyen

    Atis Ayisyen

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Cat #: B450  An introduction to Haitian art and artist for middle school students. ISBN Number: 9781584322845 $14.00
  • Memories in Art

    Memories in Art

    by Louis Louissaint, Alex Altidor, Jean Désimots

    Haitian art is a complex tradition, reflecting Haitian culture, history, depicting daily life in urban and rural landscapes, depicting the steep mountains and bays of coastal town … $16.00
  • Children Songs in French and Creole

    Children Songs in French and Creole

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Children songs in French and Haitian Creole ; Chansons d'enfants en Français et en Créole/ Chante Timoun, A collection of 87 of the most beautiful children songs … $19.50