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  • African Fashion Illustrations

    African Fashion Illustrations

    by Féquière Vilsaint and Maude Heurtelou

    Line art illustration of African clothing design. Cat. #: B053 Fequiere Vilsaint $5.99
  • Occeus Couture

    Occeus Couture

    by Sabrina Occeus

    This book is a fashion editorial displaying the work of Sabrina Occeus and samples of her collections. It contains notes and side ideals about the fashion industry. With her own st… $49.50
  • A Spirited Butterfly

    A Spirited Butterfly

    by Rosemary Stone

    This lavishly illustrated book presents a historical perspective and a contemporary look at fashion design and manufacturing, as well as the role of the fashion industry in the soc… $60.00
  • Pouvoir Noir En Haïti

    Pouvoir Noir En Haïti

    by Frantz Voltaire

    Il s'est passé quelque chose en Haïti, au mois de janvier 1946: le peuple dans les rues, les chars, la clameur, l'armée; sinon tout le pays mais dans les grandes villes, les consci… $45.50