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    Alexandra Barbot

    Alexandra Barbot, co-author of Mommy, Tell me About Haiti, is also an illustrator and visual artist. She has a law degree from the State University of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and a certificate in German language from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. She studied art with the internationally renowned Haitian Roland Dorcely. Mrs. Barbot has exhibited her work in Haiti, Germany and France, and has worked with many Haitian and American nonprofit organizations in Miami. She teaches art classes to children in Miami. She also donates her artwork to worthy causes for fund-raising events.

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    Hans-W. Ackermann

    Hans-W. Ackermann is a professor emeritus of microbiology at Laval University in Quebec. He was born in Germany, studied medicine in Berlin, and received a "postdoc" at the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He lives in Canada since 1967. His fields of activity are the study of bacterial viruses in the electron microscope and virus classification. H.-W.A. is the author of over 200 microbiological publications including four books. He visited Haïti over 20 times and taught there during 10 years medical virology at the State University of Haïti at Port-au-Prince. During his visits, he started research on Haïtian historical folklore and Vodou. This resulted in a publication on zombiism, one on Vodou medicine and his latest book, Les Esprits du Vodou haitien, by Educa Vision.. H.-W.A. has a passion for languages.

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    Ulrich Jean-Pierre

    Drawing and painting from an early age, the artist received his training from the Foyer des Arts Plastiques in Haiti before being invited to the U.S. and studying at the University of the Arts at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa.

    Mr. Jean-Pierre's fascination with Haitian history forms the basis of his work, which hangs in galleries and museums in the U.S., Haiti, Canada, Europe, and Africa and has been featured in a range of articles and publications.

    The artist had adopted New Orleans as his home, but his home and studio were submerged by Hurricane Katrina. He is looking forward to re-establishing his studio, at least for the time being, in Atlanta, GA.

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    Sophia Gédéon

    Born in 1991 on the eve of the coup of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, Sophia started writing her first love stories at the age of 9, on the pretext of preparing homework. At 15 she wrote "Tu m'aimeras, je le jure." Other novels by Sophia Gédéon include "Un jour à Paris", "Les trois erreurs de Emilie" and "Sophia et Sophyia."

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    Educa Summer 2013

    From the left: Bob Lapierre, Maude Heurtelou, Denise Joseph Heurtelou, Patrick St.Croix, Volney Joseph, Margaret Holladay, Samantha Philippe-Auguste, Tatiana Graham, Stacey Louidor, Carol Hollander, Peterson Joseph and Féquière Vilsaint. Not pictured: Thimothee Gaston, Clifford Graham, Josephine Joseph, Raphael Lindor, Saradja C. Registre.

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    Kiki Latimer

    Kiki Latimer is a grandmother and children’s author from Rhode Island. She is the chair person for St Joseph’s Haiti Committee and travels to Haiti.

    Latimer graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.A. in the Oral Communication of Literature, Psychology, and Philosophy. She is involved in the Rhode Island storytelling community as a coach.

    As a writer, poet, and photographer, her focus is often on the fascinating intersection of people, nature, and language. It was with this vision that she homeschooled her four children.

    She lives in Hope Valley with her husband Jim.

    Her titles, published by Educa Vision, include Islands of Hope, The WaterFire Duck and Bubble Butt! The Challenged Sea Turtle of Mystic Aquarium.

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    Rony Joseph

    Rony Joseph, author of Pale Kare, a native of Haiti, is currently a Senior Program Coordinator at Miami Dade College (MDC). He began working with MDC after spending nine and a half years at the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Mr. Joseph joined the FLDOE in 1993 as a Program Specialist IV. During the next five years, he traveled across the State to ensure that Florida’s 67 school districts and its four Experimental Lab Schools developed and implemented programs and services for their K-12 English language learners, formerly known as LEP students. His last position at the FDOE was Senior Educational Program Director. In that capacity, he oversaw several federally funded programs, including Title I, the largest federal fund source for education of disadvantaged students in the State. Mr. Joseph holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus and an M. S. in Management from DePaul University at Chicago, Illinois.

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    Linda Ellington Ed. D

    Dr. Linda Ellington is a college professor, author of several higher education articles and textbooks in leadership, and author of the anti-bullying children’s book series, Wetlee and friend.

    While conducting her doctorate research at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom her work was published in both national and international books and journals. She has presented her studies at conferences worldwide and serves on a University Editorial Advisory Board comprised of higher education faculty members who review student research for publication.

    Dr. Ellington’s inaugural children’s book was published in 2012. Wetlee and friend, the first volume in her series of books addressing anti-bullying, sends a powerful message to children of all ages to find their voice and not be a victim of bullying. During her research, Dr. Ellington found that children, at some point in their lives, experienced what it is like to be different and excluded. Such experiences can make children feel ‘less than’ or ‘discounted’ by others. Teaching about Wetlee Power™ will give all children, of all ages, the power for their voices to be heard.

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    Wilnes Brunat

    Brunat, author of Yes I Can for Kids/Wi Mwen Kapab Pou Timoun, is a native Haitian who lives in Florida. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University and earned a B.A. in social work. His combined background in social work and education helps him understand children. During the last two decades, Mr. Brunat has facilitated numerous parental workshops through the libraries, churches, and public schools. He has also worked as a Family Service Coordinator in the areas of prevention and intervention. He enjoys interacting with children and adolescents. Consequently he is sharing his life through children’s literature. As an author, his ultimate goal is to motivate children for success.