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  • English-Spanish / Spanish-English Word to Word Dictionary

English-Spanish / Spanish-English Word to Word Dictionary

by M. SĂ nchez, F. Vilsaint, O. Figueredo



The English Spanish Dictionary is a practical instrument to help both English and Spanish learners improve their language skills and clarify issues of orthography. It contains 27,000 word entries and expressions, many with multiple meanings. We depart dramatically from our previous edition first by using a word frequency list of the English language to select frequent entries in common English communication. Second, we added special vocabulary from school content fields such as social sciences, physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics, language arts, etc. The result is a comprehensive list of English entries with Spanish equivalents in all areas covered in school curricula.

528pp, Perfect Bind
ISBN-10: 1584324848
ISBN-13: 9781584324843