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  • Lafami Bonplezi

    Lafami Bonplezi

    by Maude Heurtelou

    An extended Haitian family whose members have a different but challenging destiny in Haiti migrated to United States and face different challenges. In Haitian Creole. 274pp.Gr… $15.00
  • Sezisman Pou Lafami Bonplezi

    Sezisman Pou Lafami Bonplezi

    by Maude Heurtelou

    A novel on Haitian mores in which traditions are presented with art and skills. In Haitian Creole. 206pp. Gr 7up.Cat. #: B063  $15.00
  • Reversals


    by Maude Heurtelou

    Reversals English version of Sezisman. This novel continues the saga of the Bonplezi family, bringing in more characters and situations in the lives of this Haitian family in the U… $17.50
  • Gouverneurs de la Rosée (eBook)

    Gouverneurs de la Rosée (eBook)

    by Jacques Roumain

    A famous novel written originally in French by Haitian author Jacques Roumain, translated to many languages including English.Cat. #: B075-DIG ISBN #: 9781643820897  $17.50
  • The Bonplezi Family

    The Bonplezi Family

    by Maude Heurtelou / Translated by J. Nickrosz

    English version of Lafami Bonplezi. The lively adventures of a Haitian family in the U.S. The novel depicts the hopes, beliefs, and tribulations of Haitians living outside their co… $17.50
  • Teacher's Guide to "Lafami Bonplezi"

    Teacher's Guide to "Lafami Bonplezi"

    by Maude Heurtelou

    Teacher's Guide to The Bonplezi Family and also to Lafami Bonplezi. This guide includes valuable information on Haiti, chapter analysis, course activities, discussion points, and H… $7.50
  • Fòs Lawouze

    Fòs Lawouze

    by Maude Heurtelou

    An adaptation of the famous novel by Jacques Roumain Gouverneurs de la Rosée in Haitian Creole (Fòs Lawouze).The original novel by famous Haitian author that tells of… $10.00
  • Le Vieux Samuel

    Le Vieux Samuel

    by Cauvin L. Paul

    A novel that takes the reader in Haitis Tortuga Island and reveals the exciting life of a community under siege. In French. 178 pp.Cat. #: B137  $15.00
  • Natali (Haitian Creole Novel)

    Natali (Haitian Creole Novel)

    by Lochard Noël

    The story of a young lady from Haiti tuned towards fulfilling her American dream. In Haitian Creole. 180pp.Cat. #: B157  $14.50
  • Roxanne - Histoires de Rédemption

    Roxanne - Histoires de Rédemption

    by M.L. Cassagnol

  • The Mystery in Room 303

    The Mystery in Room 303

    by Mona Goldstein

    Part of the collection of three books: People of the Good Earth, Friends Forever and the Mystery in Room 303. The collection seeks to make social studies come alive. The adventurou… $14.50
  • Haiti: Footprints in the Hearts

    Haiti: Footprints in the Hearts

    by Kathy Pfeifer

    From the author: This book is a fictionalized memoir based on my visits to Haiti in 1974 and 1982 when I was a volunteer for Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. As I learned of the pe… $17.50
  • La ligne Brisée de l'arc en ciel

    La ligne Brisée de l'arc en ciel

    by Herna Fayla Duplan Lamothe

    Il s'agit de l'histoire d'une famille qui sur quatre générations dispose de tous les atouts pour vivre heureux autour de la mère -grand-mère… $17.50
  • Les Cerfs-Volants de Janvier

    Les Cerfs-Volants de Janvier

    by Lochard Noël

    L'écrivain Lochard Noel, publie son seiziéme titre Les Cerfs-Volants de janvier, roman qui décrit les passions de deux amoureux qui vivent les éven&… $15.95
  • L'Enfer, C'est la Mer

    L'Enfer, C'est la Mer

    by Lochard Noël

    L'Enfer C'est la Mer c'est un roman qui nous fait revivre, en quelque sorte, le drame sanglant des "laissés pour compte" qui ont du, à cause d'un terrible coup d'état militaire qui… $17.50
  • Tu m'aimeras, Je le Jure

    Tu m'aimeras, Je le Jure

    by Sophia Gédéon

    Tu m'aimeras, Je le Jure In French. Sophia Gedeon $15.00
  • Une Saison a Jacmel

    Une Saison a Jacmel

    by Lochard Noël

    In French $17.50
  • Angels Don't Die, Do They?

    Angels Don't Die, Do They?

    by Alex Jerome

    With deep personal empathy and social insight, and an ingenious sense of the unexpected, Axel Jerome takes us in this first novel through the haunting drama of two families in the … $14.00
  • Gouverneurs de la Rosée

    Gouverneurs de la Rosée

    by Jacques Roumain

    A novel by famous Haitian author that tells of Manuel's struggle to keep his community from starvation during a long drought period.Manuel returns to his native village after w… $17.50
  • Vacances Lakay

    Vacances Lakay

    by Odette Roy Fombrun

    Vacances LakayDes vacances à la campagne, ça vous tente? Partez à l'aventure avec nos nouveaux amis Rosette, Bouboule, Anna et leurs compagnons. Vous vous amuserez à faire des plon… $5.00