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  • Zile Nou

    Zile Nou

    by Michel-Ange Hyppolite

    A collection of poetry about the land of Haiti and Haitian hopes and dreams. In English, Haitian-Creole and French. $11.00
  • Istwa Pwezi Kreyol Ayiti

    Istwa Pwezi Kreyol Ayiti

    by MichelAnge Hyppolite.

    The history of Haitian Creole poetry, in haitian creole.266pp. $15.50 Select Options
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    Tèt ansanm

    by Roger Savain

  • Lomeyans pou lapèsonn

    Lomeyans pou lapèsonn

    by Kiki Wainwrigjht

    Kiki Wainwright se yon chantè, konpozitè, gitaris, tirè-d-kont, powèt, ekriven, aktè teyat, komedyen, ansyen dansè e koregraf. Kiki gen z&… $12.00
  • A Rose in Full Bloom

    A Rose in Full Bloom

    by Rosie Bourget

    Dealing With Grief and Bereavement! People experience things in as many different ways. We think we are greater than our feelings, we try to suppress them and bury them deep within… $15.00
  • Floraison


    by Rosie Bourget

    «Ma vie amoureuse se résume ainsi : d’être avec toi dans les bons comme dans les mauvais moments, de penser à toi quand tu es loin de moi, de vivre … $20.00
  • Istwa Kreyòl

    Istwa Kreyòl

    by Rosie Bourget

    Kondisyon Feminin Gen yon bann vèmin Ki pa janm al nan kuizinKi rele ÈminEmilin EmlinGeraldinIvlinJodlinJozefinJasminJaninKalinKèlinMari LinMichlinWislinKa p f… $12.00
  • Preces à Mãe Terra / Prayers to Mother Earth

    Preces à Mãe Terra / Prayers to Mother Earth

    by Alexandra Magalhaes Zeiner, Clevane Pessoa, Noralia Castro, Rodrigo M. Starling and Sonia Palma

    "Stories, art and mythology have long been our guide for living in balance and harmony throughout the ages. When we read words of inspiration and wisdom, to ourselves, to our child… $10.00
  • Misconceptions


    by Nathalie Thélémaque

    Nathalie Thélémaque was born on December 28th, 1998 in Coral Springs, Florida. From a young age, Nathalie has always been interested in reading and writing. She has created countle… $12.00
  • Fab Jean de La Fontaine

    Fab Jean de La Fontaine

    by Nicole Titus

    This book is a Haitian Creole version of French fabulist and poet Jean de La Fontaine's famous fables. $7.00
  • Jérémie et Sa Verdoyante Grande-Anse

    Jérémie et Sa Verdoyante Grande-Anse

    by JosaphatRobert Lage

    Josaphat-Robert Large’s “Jérémie et Sa Verdoyante Grande Anse” is a delightful book in which the author combines literature and photography to pay a… $50.00
  • Optimum Me!

    Optimum Me!

    by Rebecca Noelle Zama

    “Rebecca Noelle Zama’s collection of poems, Optimum Me, bears witness to the power and promise of the written word. Her work accomplishes the two principal tasks of poe… $17.50
  • Food for Thought

    Food for Thought

    by Bob Lapierre

    Inside this classic collection of vibrant epic poetries with short and long prose passages, the reader will experience the paradox of indisputably great people, boasting their prid… $10.00