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  • Guide to Learning Haitian Creole (Book only)

Guide to Learning Haitian Creole (Book only)

by Féquière Vilsaint and Maude Heurtelou



An introduction to Haitian Creole, using a reading writing approach, vocabulary and grammar practices. Includes sections on meeting people, describing self, communication, telephone calling, time, age, nationality, neighborhood life, home  life, work, searching for a job, food, health, hospital concerns, clothing, traveling, sports in Haiti, and the lottery. This guide also possesses a pronunciation guide. 

In Haitian Creole

Size:                        8.5 x 11 inches
Biding Type:            Paperback
Number of Pages:   190 

Cat. #: B061
ISBN 13: 9781584321088 

Available also as book and CD : $39.50