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  • Haiti From Above

Haiti From Above

by Daniel Kedar



This book is the result of several flights that the author has taken over the mountains and coastlines of Haiti. Viewed from above Haiti is different compared to the ground level. The contour of the shores, the white cliffs of the south, the black mountains of the north, the geometric grids of some of its cities do not resemble the familiar sceneries from the ground. A white sandy beach melts into a turquoise sea while miles of palm trees brace the open Ocean. With each new season, a new coat; after the heavy rains of summer, a bare hill is suddenly green; a dry river runs with crystal clear water, a charred field is covered with new sugar canes. Haiti, the western third of Hispanola island is a very diversified country with a desert in the northwest, rain forest in the Macaya South, pine forest in the east and coral reefs in the north. Haiti seen from the air is a beautiful land, but It also reveals a fragile environment. Its natural forests cover today only a fraction of what it was only a century ago. At present rate the remaining forests will be turned into charcoal within a few years, and the beauty of this land will become a fading memory. We hope these images will inform and inspire the children of Haiti to reverse these processes, and protect their natural heritage for future generations.