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  • Haitian Christmas CD 2

Haitian Christmas CD 2

by Haitian Christmas CD2



Educa Vision presents a 2-disc Christmas Album entitled Haitian Christmas CD-1 and Haitian Christmas CD-2 orchestrated by The Visionaries / Vizyonè Yo. The musicians are Haitian youngsters who survived the tragic earthquake of 2010. The joyful music expresses their hope, resiliency and profound connection with Haiti. The youngsters also present a yearning to connect with their new land, the United States of America, and the world at large. Each 14-track CD tells various stories about home and what it means for people, moreover how one’s home resides truly in the heart rather than a regional location. This and many universal messages pulsate through rhythms and beats reminiscent of Haitian carnival and “root” music. The album was digitally mastered by Educa Media Studio a subsidiary of Educa Vision.