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Hans-W. Ackermann

Hans-W. Ackermann is a professor emeritus of microbiology at Laval University in Quebec. He was born in Germany, studied medicine in Berlin, and received a "postdoc" at the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He lives in Canada since 1967. His fields of activity are the study of bacterial viruses in the electron microscope and virus classification. H.-W.A. is the author of over 200 microbiological publications including four books. He visited Haïti over 20 times and taught there during 10 years medical virology at the State University of Haïti at Port-au-Prince. During his visits, he started research on Haïtian historical folklore and Vodou. This resulted in a publication on zombiism, one on Vodou medicine and his latest book, Les Esprits du Vodou haitien, by Educa Vision.. H.-W.A. has a passion for languages.