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  • Heroes in the Wake of Haiti's Catastrophe

Heroes in the Wake of Haiti's Catastrophe

by Erilande Sully



“In this book, Erilande Sully, a former journalist in Haiti, writes to keep alive the memory of the departed of the cataclysmic event of January 12th, 2010. But he also had to observe; he had to follow closely the ones, who like him, answered the call of duty and rushed to the bedside of the maimed, the lame, the orphaned, the widowed, those who had lost everything but their lives. They stood by the side of cities ripped into shreds. Those he followed he called them heroes. Deservedly so.
Armed with their courage, self-dedication, selflessness, and concern, they were able to save an untold number of lives in the aftermath of the quake. Whether they were individuals or organizations, a radio station, a religious personality, a native of Haiti, a friend of Haiti, an international organization, a local personality, the author has presented to us in Heroes in the Wake of Haiti's Catastrophe a canvas on which he painted beautiful pictures of altruism, empathy, and goodness.”

MarcArthur PierreLouis, writer

“It was a great honor to read Heroes In The Wake of Haiti's Catastrophe. This book will educate and inspire others.”

Karen Schwabe, Phd in Communication

Cat. #: B1107 

ISBN: 9781626322738