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  • Iconic Birds of Florida

Iconic Birds of Florida

by Carole Devillers



“Glimpses of.... Iconic Birds of Florida” gives you a peek into the intimate life of these awesome creatures we call birds. Photographer/ Author Carole Devillers spent hundreds of hours over the last two years, scouting about for nesting sites, observing the lives of avian  families with a patient enthusiasm that soon developed into a deep love for birds. This photo book is her personal account of all those hours spent in the wild and suburban areas of Florida. The birds presented here are iconic in the sense that they are widely recognized and well-established. May this book help you to know them and understand them better, and may our feathered friends in turn provide you with as many surprises when you encounter them in nature as they did the photographer. They are not only deserving of our attention but also very much in need of our protection.

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2018, 100 pp, Hard Cover, 8.5 x 11 in. 

Cat. #: B1443 

ISBN: 9781626329881