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  • Interactive ebook : The Selfish Frog/ Ti Krapo egoyis

Interactive ebook : The Selfish Frog/ Ti Krapo egoyis

Koleksyon Karamel

by Educa Vision Inc.



Bilingual English / Haitian Creole. 

Welcome to our collection of bilingual Interactive e-books. We developed this collection to provide opportunities for students to read bilingual or monolingual books using the new technology to improve their reading skills... • Listening for modeled fluency • Reading for practice • Checking comprehension with glossaries • Developing oral language skills. Educa Vision Inc. has developed this series of interactive eBooks as a way to engage young readers with fun, age appropriate, interactive text. All the titles in the Karamel series have audio narration with highlighted words, to... • Build vocabulary • Connect to auditory learners • Promote fluency. There is also an illustrated dictionary with flashcard modality for vocabulary development in different languages. All the titles in the interactive e-book collection are available either as Cd-Rom, as e-books or as on-line “Open and Learn" technology. **Each Cd-Rom contains 1 Title with both English and Haitian Kreyòl languages for the price below.