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  • Jokes, Riddles, Riddles

Jokes, Riddles, Riddles

by Heurtelou Maude



ln Haiti, it is usual during a conversation to throw in a proverb, that illustrates a point, a concept or an idea.
There also is a long tradition of telling folktales and riddles. People would sit in a circle in the evening and joyfully exchange folktales, jokes, riddles and proverbs.
These encounters gather children of all ages in the neighborhood along with their parents. This is a way for transferring information, wisdom, experiences and cultural practices from one generation to the next.
To start a story, someone indicates the intention by saying: KRIK
The audience in unison will respond: KRAK.
This book gathers some examples of jokes, riddles and proverbs to be used for fun during social gatherings.
Haitian Creole learners will find idioms and metaphors for linguistic and cultural discussions.

Thematic text for language art. 

Cat. #: B047
ISBN #: 9781643825151