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  • Lajounen ak Lannuit / Day and Night

Lajounen ak Lannuit / Day and Night

by Malisa Makso



Bilingual English / Haitian Creole. 

This book highlights the experience of existing during the day versus the night, and demonstrates to children what occurs during the day and night. 

Part of Karamel collection of 20 titles (see Catalog # SP012KE for entire collection) Monolingual version also available in Haitian Creole. 

List of the books in that collection:
-Inside and Outside / Anndan ak deyò (Catalog #: B309)
-Ten Parakeets / Dis Jako (Catalog #: B310)
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-Beside Miss Spider / Bokote Madan zariyen (Catalog #: B312)
-The Party/ Fèt La (Catalog #: B313)
-Big and Small / Gwo ak piti (Catalog #: B314)
-Apricot, Green and Purple / Jòn abriko vèt ak mòv (Catalog #: B315)
-Little Monkey's Body / Kò ti makak la (Catalog #: B316)
-Day and Night / Lajounen ak lannuit (Catalog #: B317)
-Mr. Frog is Full / Misye Krapo balonnen (Catalog #: B318)
-The Mosquito who Caught a Cold / Moustik la gen tous (Catalog #: B319)
-The Wedding between Rose and Hibiscus / Nòs Woz ak Choublak (Catalog #: B320)
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-The Selfish Frog / Ti Krapo egoyis (Catalog #: B325)
-The Bull's Treasure/ Trezò Towo Bèf (Catalog #: B326)
-Little Ducks / Ti kana yo (Catalog #: B327)
-Yellow, Blue and Red / Jòn, ble ak wouj (Catalog #: B330)

Catalog #: B317
ISBN Number: 9781584328384