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  • Lavi Animal / Animal Life Circle

Lavi Animal / Animal Life Circle

by Julie K. Lundgren



6 Different Titles - Part of the Science Collection in Haitian Creole.
Ak Kiyès Mwen Sanble? / Who Do I Look Like?
Adaptasyon Animal / Animal Adaptations
Chèn Alimantè / What's On The Food Chain Menu
Kijan Bèt yo Siviv nan sezon Ivè? / How Do Critters Do in The Winter?
Kouri, Naje, Vole / Run Swim Fly
Abita Animal / Animal Habitats

Those books are part of a science series “Koleksyon Syans Mwen" in Haitian Creole. The series is divided into six themes: Plants, Animals, Forces, Matter, Earth and Space, and Nature of Science. Each theme includes six titles to yield 36 book titles. Each title in the collection is beautifully illustrated and contains critical thinking and comprehension questions, a glossary and an index.


Science Collection