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  • Lavi Plant (Plant Life)

Lavi Plant (Plant Life)

Koleksyon Ansiklopedi

by Thomas F. Sheehan and Féquière Vilsaint



Lavi Plant (Plant Life) is part of the Ansiklopedi Syans ak Educa Vision (Science Encyclopedia in Haitian Creole). It contains stunning illustrations, photos, tables, graphs and accessible text with fun facts, key information, glossary and index. It covers key curriculum topics such as:

Ki sa yon plant ye? (What Is a Plant?)
Estrikti plant. (The Parts of Plants.)
Kòman plant grandi. (How Plants Grow.)
Diferan kalite plant. (Types of Plants.)
Mouvman ak adaptasyon plant. (Plants Movements and Adaptations.)
Kòman nou itilize plant. (How We Use Plants.)
Moun aprann apatide plant. (People Learn From Plants)

Titles in the collection

Volim 1. Lavi Moun (Human Life)  
Volim 2. Lavi Animal (Animal Life)  
Volim 3. Lavi Plant (Plant Life)  
Volim 4. Syans Latè (Earth Science)  
Volim 5. Chimi (Chemistry)  
Volim 6. Fizik (Physics)  
Volim 7. Astwonomi ak Lespas (Astronomy and Space)  
Volim 8. Matematik (Mathematics)  
Volim 9. Teknoloji (Technology)  
Volim 10 Endèks (Cumulative Index and Glossary)

Whole collection:
Ansiklopedi Syans ak Educa Vision (Science Encyclopedia in Haitian Creole)

Cat. Number: B1324
ISBN Number: 9781626324657 

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