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  • Lespri Kominote: Senbòl sitwayènte nan yon kominote

Lespri Kominote: Senbòl sitwayènte nan yon kominote

by Angela Catalano



This engaging, age-appropriate set is designed to meet the early childhood social studies curriculum, where students learn about themselves and their community and what makes their community similar to and different from communities across the United States. By taking a kid-friendly Who's Who approach to different kinds of communities, these books teach students about the people who work to make each community a success. There are things that people need to survive and things that they want to make life enjoyable. This book explains the difference and shows how needs and wants may be met. From food, clothing, and shelter to museums, police officers, and swimming pools, kids will learn how people in communities work to make sure that everybody gets a share of what they need and want.

In Haitian Creole. 

Cat. #: B1140                                                                                                                       

ISBN: 9781424213223