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  • Logicode


by Educa Vision Inc.



Coding is a language that use simple commands to tell what to do. Coding a computer, for example, provide a series of commands to be executed by a computer.

But, coding is not only for computers. The building blocks of coding are found in critical thinking, sorting information, mapping routes between endpoints. Teaching children to code today is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Logicode provides a simple, interactive introduction to unplugged, block-style coding that is perfect for Kindergarten through third graders as they learn the basics of programming. After completing the activities, they can apply similar strategies to more advanced languages of coding.

In groups, students will build a sequence of code together. Each student will then take turns walking through the sequence of code and following the instructions all the way from START to STOP. They will use flow control structures, sequences, conditions, loops. An arrow means to advance forward, a movement card signals an action that the student must do, a looping card for repeating an action a given number of times etc.

Great to introduce coding, without computer!

Cat. #: MANI019