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  • Look Close See Far A Cutltural Portrait Of The Maya

Look Close See Far A Cutltural Portrait Of The Maya

by Bruce T. Martin



Photograph By: Bruce T. Martin  

The ancient Maya left behind evidence of their great prowess in mathematics, astronomy, and architec­ture, as well as enduring written and oral histories revealing intricate politi­cal and social hierarchies and a rich spiritual system. The Maya never truly disappeared, but their society went through many transformations, including the dramatic changes that followed the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century. As outside pressures encroach, the Maya strive to maintain their cohesiveness and protect their local traditions and languages. Their cultural and spiritual identities are fundamentally intertwined with
the land from which they and their ancestors have coaxed their livelihood for generations, and the survival of the Maya groups is endangered by the degradation and disappearance of their ancestral landscape. 

     The stunning black and white images in this book are given context and meaning by eminent scholars, who introduce the indigenous communities of Central America and their ancient and complex spiritual, cultural, artistic, and architectural traditions. The inti­mate and sensitive portraiture delves into the heart of the forests and villages in which the Maya have been rooted for generations. 

Number of Pages: 148
Size:                      10 x 10 inches

ISBN Number: 9780807615898 

Keywords: Guatemala , Maya , Mexico , Culture , Central America , Spanish