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  • Maya


by Victoria O. Menchu, Carlos P. Mend├Ęs, M. Heurtelou



The word Maya evokes an ancient civilization with pyramids, hieroglyphics, and a unique culture that was vibrant during precolonization time. No one fully understands how it was erected or how it collapsed around the 1500s. This fascinating culture is well alive among the Maya descents. Every year, thousands of tourists try to understand this past, explore the ruins left behind with intense curiosity and attempt to interpret the intelligence and the infrastructure of that time. People are enchanted to appreciate the ruins of that past civilization, known to be rich in knowledge, especially in sciences and mathematics. Today, two Maya descendents and one outsider join their motivation to present this book to young readers, parents and teachers interested to introduce children to the Maya civilization. May this book serve as an introduction to create curiosity, interest and appreciation for a world that has left a rich legacy for new generations to come.