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  • Maya Architecture

Maya Architecture

by Kenneth Treister



      VIEWING THE sprawling city of Uxmal or the sweeping Great Plaza at Tikal, one can sense the enormous pride of the people who conceived and built such places. The grandeur of these Maya cities fascinates all who gaze upon them, and the totality of the Maya architectural statement-its harmony, cohesiveness, and inspiring beauty-has rarely been matched. 

      In this illuminating volume, acclaimed architect Kenneth Treister brings a unique perspective to the physical remains of the ancient Maya cities. In the numerous color photos that accompany the text, taken by the author over many years of travel, we see powerful, compelling examples of harmony and gracefulness through the ruins and reconstructions of architectural composition.

Number of Pages: 148 inches
Size:                      9 x 9 inches

ISBN Number: 9780807615898 

Keywords: Guatemala , Maya , Mexico , Culture , Central America , Spanish