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  • Measurements / Mezi

Measurements / Mezi

by Heurtelou Maude



4 Different Titles - Part of the Concept Collection Bilingual English / Haitian Creole. 

B784KE: Segonn, minit ak è / Seconds, Minutes and Hours
B785KE: Kiyè a kafe, kiyè a tab, tas pou mezire / Teaspoons, Tablespoons and Cups
B786KE: Liv, pye ak pous / Pounds, Feet and Inches
B787KE: Pent, ka ak gallon / Pints, Quarts and Gallons 

The Basic Concept Books are a collection of 32 titles, each with text and image convergently organized to illustrate single concepts. It uses a combination of text, repetition and simple sentence structure to keep the student interested. The images are convergent to the text and the text supports the images to encourage the young reader and develop the growing minds. This collection contains 8 themes in French: 4X8 Titles (8 being the number of themes and 4 the number of titles per theme).


This collection is also available in Haitian Creole here. 
These books can all be purchased individually at $12.50 each.

The collection is also available in: 

Bilingual English- Haitian Creole SP051KE

Monolingual French SP051F

The Concept Series

Different themes of the collection:  
Fòm/Shapes:  SP074KE $45  
Koulè/Colors:  SP070KE $45  
Pozisyon/Positions:  SP071KE$45  
Konte/Counting: SP072KE $45 
Lekontrè/Opposites: SP076KE $45  
Mezi/Measurements: SP077KE $45  
Kalandriye Mwen/My Calendar: SP075KE $45  
Fòm an Twa Dimansyon/Three Dimensional Shapes: SP07KE $45