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Féquière Vilsaint

Féquière Vilsaint : Publisher, Author, Lexicographer, Molecular Biologist. He is the Founder and President of Educa Vision Inc. (EVI),, a publishing company that develops and publishes bilingual educational materials in Haitian Creole, English and French. He started the company in 1991 while still a researcher at USF and later left USF to expand EVI. He is the author of 19 dictionaries and many articles in academic journals. He co-authored the first Haitian Creole monolingual dictionary.  He speaks English, French, Haitian Creole, Spanish, reads German and Portuguese. After High School he migrated to Montreal where he studied Biology at Concordia University (BSc) then  went to graduate school in Quebec City (Université Laval) and Medford (Tuft University) MA in a graduate program in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. His previous activities include renewable energy research at McGill University and aquaculture infrastructure evaluation (fish, shrimp, algae) in Haiti and the Caribbean. He later moved to Florida to work at University of South Florida (USF) in the Medical School’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department. There, he did research on the metabolism of cholesterol in the liver, using rat liver as a model. The basic research in the Kennedy-Keller Laboratory later lead to the development of successful chemicals to control cholesterol in humans. He devoted his time in curriculum development, publishing of educational materials, teachers training, lexicography and consultancy.