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  • Metòd Lasyans

Metòd Lasyans

by Kelli Hicks



This book guides the readers in learning the main concepts and tools of science, in a style that encourages inquiry. It provides contents that encourage readers to develop and perform their own explorations, in class or at home. 

It contains many friendly illustrations to introduce the readers to the exciting and ever-changing world of science.

Themes covered are :

Metòd Lasyans / Science Method:

• Animal ann klase yo / Let’s Classify The Animals

• Lasyans an Sekirite / Science Safety Rules

• Mwen Kapab Sèvi ak Souri / I Use a Mouse

• Mwen Kapab Sèvi ak Zouti Lasyans / I use Science Tools

• Natirèl? Atifisyèl? / Natural or Man-Made

• Vivan oswa Non-Vivan / Living or Nonliving

148 pp., 8x8 in., Perfect Binding, © Copyright 2019 Educa Vision Inc. 

Cat. #: B1547
ISBN #: 9781643820958