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  • Mezi


by Heurtelou Maude



Mezi/Measurements is part of the Concepts collection. It includes 4 sections associated with measurements.

1.       Time (Second, minutes and hours / Segonn, minit ak è)
2.       Linear and weight measurements (Pound, feet and inches / Liv, pye ak pous)
3.       Liquids measurements (Tablespoon, tea spoon, cups /  Kiyè a kafe, kiyè a tab,       tas pou mezire)
4.       Volumetric measurements (Pints, quarts and gallons / Pent, ka ak galon)

Each section contains text and image organized to illustrate single concepts with a combination of text, repetition and simple sentence structure to keep the student interested. 

Cat. #: B1572 
ISBN #: 9781643821177