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  • Ekoloji


    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    The kingdoms, cell cycle, metamorphosis, photosynthesis and relationships. In HaitianCreole. Grade 812.78pp.Cat #: B008  $12.00 Select Options
  • Laboratwa


    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Introduces chemical concepts through description of experiments. In HaitianCreole. 44pp. $12.00 Select Options
  • Map Skills

    Map Skills

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Programmed activity to develop, build and reinforce the skills learned in class. In English and Haitian Creole.Cat. #: B049 Fequiere Vilsaint $7.50 Select Options
  • English/Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary

    English/Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Contains 3,000 English terms used in science , mathematics, medical and other fields with Haitian Creole equivalents.Cat. #: B051 ISBN #: 9781881839591 Fequiere Vilsaint $19.50 Select Options
  • Atlas Kò moun

    Atlas Kò moun

    by Michel-Ange Hyppolite

    Anatomy book describing the different body systems in four languages: Haitian-Creole, English, French and Spanish.Cat. #: B052 ISBN 13: 9781626324749  $14.00 Select Options
  • Odinatè Nan Lavi Nou (Computer)

    Odinatè Nan Lavi Nou (Computer)

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    An introduction to computers an a step by step guide on using Word Perfect word processor and utility.  $15.50
  • Diksyonè Syans Kreyòl

    Diksyonè Syans Kreyòl

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Fequiere VilsaintCat. #: B295  $17.50
  • Diksyonè Syans Pou Timoun

    Diksyonè Syans Pou Timoun

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    B821  The Science Dictionary for Kids is an illustrated dictionary that covers the vocabulary in four areas of science instruction?Life Science, Earth Science, Space Science, … $15.00
  • Mwen Pito Fwi (bilingual)

    Mwen Pito Fwi (bilingual)

    by Maude Heurtelou

    In I Prefer Fruit, children learn about many different foods to eat. I Prefer Fruit, bilingual version. $6.50
  • Wowo ak Jilyèt (Romeo and Juliet in Haitian Creole)

    Wowo ak Jilyèt (Romeo and Juliet in Haitian Creole)

    by Maude Heurtelou

    A creole interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. 84pp. $11.50
  • Matematik San Pwoblem (Grades 3-5)

    Matematik San Pwoblem (Grades 3-5)

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Easy Mathematics for grade 3 to 5 in Haitian Creole.B269 $8.50
  • Matematik San Pwoblem (Grade 6-8)

    Matematik San Pwoblem (Grade 6-8)

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Easy Mathematics for grade 6-8 in Haitian Creole.B270 $8.50
  • No Image

    Leson Syans 8ème Ane

    by NY CE

    Science concept in HatianCreole $17.50
  • Work and Simple Machine / Travay ak Machin Senp

    Work and Simple Machine / Travay ak Machin Senp

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Introduction to Physical Sciences $9.50
  • No Image

    Physical Science Glossary

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Glossary of basic physical science conceptsFequiere Vilsaint $9.50
  • Go/Ale (Bilingual)

    Go/Ale (Bilingual)

    by Nirvah JeanJacques

    Bilingual: English / Haitian Creole. K-2 Reading. Ale/Go is a story about three children Pepe, Fefe, and Rene. The story focuses on Pepe's kite and what happens when it gets st… $8.50
  • Butterfly Life Cycle / Etap nan lavi Papiyon, Bil.

    Butterfly Life Cycle / Etap nan lavi Papiyon, Bil.

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Cat #: P233  In English and Haitian Creole. Illustrated presentation of butterfly life cycle with bilingual labels.Size 11 X 17. $6.50
  • Earth Science

    Earth Science

    Bilingual (English / Haitian Creole) text and illustrations for study and preparation on Earth Science. Text explores planets, the relationship between altitude and temperature, ro… $16.50
  • Haitian Creole Pronunciation Chart

    Haitian Creole Pronunciation Chart

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Pronunciation chart to help in reading of Haitian Creole language.Size 11 X 17. $6.50
  • Chart: Digestive System

    Chart: Digestive System

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Anatomical chart of the digestive system.Size 11 X 17. $6.50