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  • Ekoloji


    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    The kingdoms, cell cycle, metamorphosis, photosynthesis and relationships. In HaitianCreole. Grade 812.78pp.Cat #: B008  $12.00 Select Options
  • Laboratwa


    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Introduces chemical concepts through description of experiments. In HaitianCreole. 44pp. $12.00 Select Options
  • Map Skills

    Map Skills

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Programmed activity to develop, build and reinforce the skills learned in class. In English and Haitian Creole.Cat. #: B049 Fequiere Vilsaint $7.50 Select Options
  • English/Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary

    English/Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Contains 3,000 English terms used in science , mathematics, medical and other fields with Haitian Creole equivalents.Cat. #: B051 ISBN #: 9781881839591 Fequiere Vilsaint $19.50 Select Options
  • Atlas Kò moun

    Atlas Kò moun

    by Michel-Ange Hyppolite

    Anatomy book describing the different body systems in four languages: Haitian-Creole, English, French and Spanish.Cat. #: B052 ISBN 13: 9781626324749  $14.00 Select Options
  • Odinatè Nan Lavi Nou (Computer)

    Odinatè Nan Lavi Nou (Computer)

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    An introduction to computers an a step by step guide on using Word Perfect word processor and utility. Cat. #: B122  $15.50
  • Diksyonè Syans Kreyòl

    Diksyonè Syans Kreyòl

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Fequiere VilsaintCat. #: B295  $17.50
  • Diksyonè Syans Pou Timoun

    Diksyonè Syans Pou Timoun

    by Tatiana Graham and Livingston Graham

    Cat. #: B821  The Science Dictionary for Kids is an illustrated dictionary that covers the vocabulary in four areas of science instruction? Life Science, Earth Science, Space … $15.00
  • Mwen Pito Fwi (bilingual)

    Mwen Pito Fwi (bilingual)

    by Maude Heurtelou

    In I Prefer Fruit, children learn about many different foods to eat. I Prefer Fruit, bilingual version. $6.50
  • Wowo ak Jilyèt (Romeo and Juliet in Haitian Creole)

    Wowo ak Jilyèt (Romeo and Juliet in Haitian Creole)

    by Maude Heurtelou

    A creole interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. 84pp.Cat. #: B167  $11.50
  • Matematik San Pwoblem (Grades 3-5)

    Matematik San Pwoblem (Grades 3-5)

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Easy Mathematics for grade 3 to 5 in Haitian Creole.Cat. #: B269  $8.50
  • Matematik San Pwoblem (Grade 6-8)

    Matematik San Pwoblem (Grade 6-8)

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Easy Mathematics for grade 6-8 in Haitian Creole.Cat. #: B270  $8.50
  • No Image

    Leson Syans 8ème Ane

    by NY CE

    Science concept in HatianCreole $17.50
  • Work and Simple Machine / Travay ak Machin Senp

    Work and Simple Machine / Travay ak Machin Senp

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Introduction to Physical Sciences $9.50
  • No Image

    Physical Science Glossary

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    Glossary of basic physical science conceptsFequiere Vilsaint $9.50
  • Go/Ale (Bilingual)

    Go/Ale (Bilingual)

    by Nirvah JeanJacques

    Bilingual: English / Haitian Creole. K-2 Reading. Ale/Go is a story about three children Pepe, Fefe, and Rene. The story focuses on Pepe's kite and what happens when it gets st… $8.50
  • Butterfly Life Cycle / Etap nan lavi Papiyon, Bil.

    Butterfly Life Cycle / Etap nan lavi Papiyon, Bil.

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Cat #: P233  In English and Haitian Creole. Illustrated presentation of butterfly life cycle with bilingual labels.Size 11 X 17. $6.50
  • Earth Science

    Earth Science

    Bilingual (English / Haitian Creole) text and illustrations for study and preparation on Earth Science. Text explores planets, the relationship between altitude and temperature, ro… $16.50
  • Haitian Creole Pronunciation Chart

    Haitian Creole Pronunciation Chart

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Pronunciation chart to help in reading of Haitian Creole language.Size 11 X 17. $6.50
  • Chart: Digestive System

    Chart: Digestive System

    by Educa Vision Inc. Inc.

    Anatomical chart of the digestive system.Size 11 X 17. $6.50