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  • Mwen Konnen Franse (Big Book)

Mwen Konnen Franse (Big Book)

by Heurtelou Maude




Koleksyon Mwen Konnen gwoupe yon seri liv kote 2 timoun, Klodèt ak Remi ap pataje ak jenn lektè yo sa yo konnen, sa yo santi osinon sa yo wè.

Nan istwa sa a, Mwen Konnen Franse, Klodèt ak Remi ap fè konpetisyon antre yo pou yo wè ki mo franse yo konnen. De timoun sa yo amize yo nan konpetisyon sa a. Gade pou wè si ou konnen mo franse sa yo tou. Liv sa a disponib an gwo fòma pou pwofesè.

The I Know Collection includes a set of books in which two characters, Claudette and Remy, share with young readers what they know, they feel or see. 

In this story, I Know French Claudette and Remy compete among themselves to find out which of the two know more words in French. These two are having fun competing. Let see if you know these words as well. This book is also available in large format for teaching purposes.

ISBN Number: 9781626326538