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  • My Black Is Beautiful

My Black Is Beautiful

by Mara-Joanne Derinor



Cat. #: B1449
ISBN Number: 9781626329980 

Princess Belle is the Princess of Haiti. It is time for the annual All Nations Princesses Tea Party to be held in Haiti. Princess Belle does not want to attend the tea party because she believes she is not pretty enough to go. She compares her skin and hair to all the other princesses all over the world. The King discovers her sadness and makes her realize just how beautiful her skin and hair really is. The King’s acknowledgment of her beauty allows her to want to go to the tea party. To her surprise, all the other princesses were filled with joy when they saw her at the tea party. She was absolutely so beautiful to them all. They loved everything about Princess Belle. They all laughed together and enjoyed the annual tea party that was held in Haiti. 

Number of pages: 27
Size: 9.5 x 9.5 inches