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  • My First Illustrated Dictionaries Series

My First Illustrated Dictionaries Series

by Educa Vision Inc.



My First Illustrated Dictionary is a multilingual series of original pictorial word books specially designed to introduce young children to the world of words in the context of second language acquisition. Each entry is illustrated with a visual to make learning fun while being informative. These books are developed in consultation with experts in children's second language learning and teaching. It offers a whole range of vocabulary featuring everyday words and each illustration is clearly labeled in English, Haitian-Creole, English-French, English-Portuguese and English-Spanish.
My First English-Spanish Illustrated Dictionary, ISBN13: 9781584325000, catalog # B489 $16.50
My First English-Haitian Creole Illustrated Dictionary, ISBN13: 9781584324997, catalog # B486 $16.50
My First English-Portuguese Illustrated Dictionary, ISBN13: 9781584324980, catalog # B488 $16.50
My First English-French Illustrated Dictionary, ISBN13: 9781584325017, catalog # B487 $16.50