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  • A Guide to Resettlement in The United States

    A Guide to Resettlement in The United States

    by CAL

    A collaboration between the Center for Applied Linguistics, the Haitian Creole Resource Center and Educa Vision, Inc. An introduction on life in the United States for recent immigr… $7.50
  • Etap nan Lavi Moun (The Human Life Cycle)

    Etap nan Lavi Moun (The Human Life Cycle)

    by Féquière Vilsaint

    An introduction to Biology. From infancy to old age the students are presented with aspects of life at different ages. In Haitian Creole. 64 pages, illustrated. Grades 10-12.Cat. #… $12.00
  • Vyolans Domestik

    Vyolans Domestik

    by Educa Vision Inc.

  • Guides Panorama Haïti

    Guides Panorama Haïti

    by Guide

    Haïtia Panoramic guide to Jacmel and Southeast Region, in English and French. Full color. 88pp $16.00
  • Bon Ijyèn Pote Lasante/ Good Hygiene for good Health

    Bon Ijyèn Pote Lasante/ Good Hygiene for good Health

    by Educa Vision Inc.

  • Hazel Lemon Squeezy

    Hazel Lemon Squeezy

    by Tinka Ellington-Hooper

    Everything goes wrong the day Hazel wants to set up a lemonade stand. The blender explodes, the lemonade is ruined and she ends up in the middle of a big mess. Find out how Hazel l… $14.95
  • Hazel Wide Awake

    Hazel Wide Awake

    by Tinka Ellington-Hooper

    Hazel hates nothing more than to sleep. Every night she wakes up her mom, wide awake and ready to play. Until one morning when her mom is so exhausted, she can't do anything an… $15.95
  • Children Songs in French and Creole

    Children Songs in French and Creole

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Children songs in French and Haitian Creole ; Chansons d'enfants en Français et en Créole/ Chante Timoun, A collection of 87 of the most beautiful children songs … $19.50
  • How To Stop A Suicide

    How To Stop A Suicide

    by Juandalyn Peters, M.D.

    Dr. Juandalyn Peters is a BoardCertified Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist in private practice in Hollywood, Florida. She graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine, … $15.00
  • Chip's Accident

    Chip's Accident

    by Rose Marie Verde

    Learn of Chip's accident and the friends he makes in the process. This story teaches children about the value of friendship, and also the importance of sharing kindness. $6.50
  • The Lily Pond

    The Lily Pond

    by Rose Marie Verde

    Find out about the chipmunkā€™s adventure in The Lily Pond. $6.50
  • Cocoa The Snowman

    Cocoa The Snowman

    by Rose Marie Verde

    In this story by Rose Marie Verde, children learn about the wonders of snow as expierienced by Sally and her snowman, Cocoa. Find out what happens to Cocoa. $6.50
  • Colors, Koulè

    Colors, Koulè

    by Maude Heurtelou

    In this book, children learn about many different colors and items that match them. (Bilingual) English/Haitian Creole.Cat. #: B117KE  $4.50
  • Mr. Wise Owl's Safety Class

    Mr. Wise Owl's Safety Class

    by Rose Marie Verde

    In Mr. Wise Owl's Safety Class, children learn about the importance of rules through exploring the forest rules of Mr. Wise Owl. They also learn why they should follow them. $6.50
  • Wood Craft Assembly

    Wood Craft Assembly

    by Educa Vision Inc.

    Haitian wooden craft assembly game in a variety of shapes. The object of the game is to create the shape of the animal or thing. Item Catalog # 1. Tricycle CD001 2. Mouse CD002 3. … $18.00
  • Haitian Christmas CD 2

    Haitian Christmas CD 2

    by Haitian Christmas CD2

    Educa Vision presents a 2-disc Christmas Album entitled Haitian Christmas CD-1 and Haitian Christmas CD-2 orchestrated by The Visionaries / Vizyonè Yo. The musicians are Hai… $12.00
  • Right from the Start: The Sooner the Better

    Right from the Start: The Sooner the Better

    by Dr. Guylaine Richard

    Dr. Richard’s passion for caring for pregnant women is contagious, and right from the start you will be taken by her energy and commitment to do right. She understands the an… $49.95
  • My Friend White Cloud

    My Friend White Cloud

    by Rose Marie Verde

    My Friend White Cloud The most unlikely friend helps a little boy to have fun, make new friends and understand other cultures. In English. $6.50
  • The Sad Clown

    The Sad Clown

    by Rose Marie Verde

    The Sad Clown With the help of a new friend, the once sad clown gains knowledge and accomplishes many things in life, including finding happiness. In English.  $6.50
  • Randy & Teddy

    Randy & Teddy

    by Rose Marie Verde

    Randy & Teddy Story of Randy and Teddy, two very different friends who help each other become better "bears" and strive for the best. In English. $6.50