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  • Periodic Table Of The Elements Manipulative Kit

Periodic Table Of The Elements Manipulative Kit

by Educa Vision Inc.



The Periodic Table Of The Elements manipulative kit teaches and engages students to learn about the periodic table and associated concepts with color coded tiles, and template. It contains information to help construct balanced equations for elements, molecules and compounds. It also offers activities, enrichment and assessments.
Each element is represented with a 1x1 inch tile that shows the atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, and electron ring configuration.
118 individual tiles and 11 color coded groups.
Elements with same physico-chemical characteristics are grouped by colors.

The students can fill the template of the Periodic Table with tiles, according to
various criteria such as, for example:
- Element Families
- Element properties
- Magnetic Elements
- Radioactive Elements
- Synthetic Elements
- Atomic structure and basic
- Electron Configuration

Assembling the Periodic Table activity will engage students and could also produce a lasting
classroom display.
No additional material is needed to use the in the classroom or at home.
Include a teachers’ guide and data on Elements, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, radioactivity and more. 

The kit includes:
- Template of the Periodic Table
- Individual tiles
- Color coded groups, columns and families
- User guide with activities and games

Cat. #: MANI018
ISBN: 9781643820880