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Authors: Jacek Fisiak, Arleta Adamska - Salaciak
               Michal Jankowski, Renata Szczepaniak 

Hippocrene Polish Dictionary

  • Perfect for both English and Polish speakers
  • Abridged from The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary
  • Comprehensive but compact, with more than 30,000 entries 
  • Includes Polish-language "A Guide for Poles Who Wish to Visit, Study, or Live in America," covering many aspects of life in the United States

Written by an accomplished team of lexicographers, this dictionary is based on the acclaimed and authoritative two-volume The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary (English-Polish, Polish-English), one of the most comprehensive Polish dictionaries ever published. With more than 30,000 entries and an extensive number of idioms and phrases, this new Hippocrene dictionary is an excellent resource for students, businesspeople, immigrants, and anyone else in need of a dependable Polish-English reference.

The entries are rich in grammatical and usage information, including irregular forms and related words and phrases. Also included are short guides to English and Polish grammar, declension and conjugation tables, and tables of Polish irregular forms and English irregular verbs.

*Unique focus on modern American English
*More than 30,000 entries
*Special guide (in Polish) for Poles who visit, study, or settle in America by Tomasz Deptula, Chief U.S. Correspondent for Newsweek (Poland)

Number of Pages: 608
Size:                      5.5 x 8.5 inches

Binding Type:        Paperback

Cat Number: B1070 
ISBN Number: 9780781812375