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  • Preces à Mãe Terra / Prayers to Mother Earth

Preces à Mãe Terra / Prayers to Mother Earth

by Alexandra Magalhaes Zeiner, Clevane Pessoa, Noralia Castro, Rodrigo M. Starling and Sonia Palma



"Stories, art and mythology have long been our guide for living in balance and harmony throughout the ages. When we read words of inspiration and wisdom, to ourselves, to our children, we inspire another generation to remember. Perhaps we ignite their own dreams that can contribute to a healthier future for all of us. These poems are our stories, our threads to guide us * Home * - may we all remember a bit more with each read!"

- Kira Kay, Project Hands with Hands

"A prece é o cantar da alma em louvor à Vida. Crianças cantam em agradecimiento ao Amor que ecoa da Mäe Terra em sus coraões."

- Mara de Freitas Hermann, Psicóloga e Poeta

Cat. #: B1080 

ISBN: 9781626323520