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  • Gouverneurs de la Rosée

Gouverneurs de la Rosée

by Jacques Roumain



A novel by famous Haitian author that tells of Manuel's struggle to keep his community from starvation during a long drought period.

Manuel returns to his native village after working on a sugar plantation in Cuba. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his village is stricken by a drought and that his people are divided by a family feud. He engages the resignation endemic in his community by preaching the kind of political awareness and solidarity he has learned in Cuba. He worked diligently until he found a water source that, with the collective labor of the villagers, he was able to bring into the fields. Roumain carefully crafted this political fable to create an authentic environment and credible characters. The readers will be emotionally moved as well as ideologically persuaded.

This novel was translated to many languages including English (as Master of the Dew) available at

and Haitian Creole (as Fòs Lawouze), available at

Cat. #: B075
ISBN #: 9781584320548