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  • A Spirited Butterfly

A Spirited Butterfly

by Rosemary Stone



This lavishly illustrated book presents a historical perspective and a contemporary look at fashion design and manufacturing, as well as the role of the fashion industry in the social, cultural and economic development of Trinidad and Tobago. Chapters review the history of fashion development from 1834, after slavery, through the twentieth century and brings us to an exciting and new visionary approach to the business of fashion. Chapters also examine areas of local fashion, including shows, and the unique fashion designs of the annual Carnival festival.

A Spirited Butterfly is a departure from the prevailing notion that the creation of fashion is confined solely to Paris, Milan, London and New York. The book makes the strong case that there are also strong roots to fashion in the Caribbean and in the Global South. This book will be of interest to all who love fashion, as well as students, researchers and all producers of Caribbean fashion whether a designer, seamstress, stitcher or pattern cutter.

ISBN Number: 9781584327172