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by Raymar Rodríguez



This book is designed to introduce important financial concepts to future adults at an early age. The ability to master basic ideas related to money management sets readers on a solid financial course. A strong foundation of financial literacy helps readers avoid the common mistakes of accumulating debt and not accumulating assets.

We live in a hyper-competitive world that often entices our youth to covet things way beyond their means. The availability of easy credit offers many opportunities to purchase items that they cannot afford. Once a person has started living beyond their means and becomes highly indebted, it becomes very difficult to change their ways and their financial situation.

I believe that financial literacy should be taught at an early age, and reinforced throughout a person’s life. The triangle of a solid financial foundation will always be: living below your means, regular savings, and control of debt.

In a society that glorifies the lifestyles of the rich and famous, financial literacy for the masses is often ignored.

This book contains many powerful ideas and concepts about money management and budgeting . The book was written as a story of historical fiction to allow young minds to stay engaged. The basic exercises contained within are very insightful. This book will guide readers to a path which I call financial happiness.

Educators can easily incorporate this book into their reading schedule or as stand-alone assignments. The exercise contained in the book can also be done as part of a financial literacy program or individually throughout a semester. The project-styled exercises can also have very positive effects for families engaging with their children and this simple to read book.

Cat. #: B1168 

ISBN: 9781626324626