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  • The Brazilians

The Brazilians

by Pietra Diwan



Pietra Diwan was born and raised in São Paulo city, Brazil, where she studied until 2007 when her family moved to the United States. She is from the crossing of Italian and Jewish families, as her name shows, which taugh her how to coexistist with cultural differences since an early age. Pietra’s inspiration to write this book was Beatriz, her 3-year old daughter and to spread the Brazilian way of life to children and adults - the amazing combination of people who made thus growing melting-pot nation. The Brazilians tries to achieve this. With a easy to read summary view, you will find lots of data, history and culture. Do you know the feijoada’s history? Where is the Sambadrome? Or what is the Iguassu Falls? Feel free to learn and know more about Brazilians.

ISBN: 9781584326991