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  • The Discovery Collection in Haitian Creole

The Discovery Collection in Haitian Creole

Koleksyon Dekouvèt

by Heurtelou Maude



The Discovery Collection in Haitian, "Koleksyon Dekouvèt", is conceived to accompany young readers to different places, by walking, flying, traveling or exploring inhabitual places.This Haitian Creole language collection is also available in French.  In few words and many illustrations, this collection provides the feeling of "discovering" places, new or not to the reader. It is recommended for K to 2nd grade levels. 

Choose 10 of the titles of the collection.
- Mwen ale an pwovens
- Mwen ale laba
- Mwen ale nan bato
- Mwen ale nan fèt
- Mwen ale nan match foutbòl
- Mwen ale nan mize
- Mwen ale nan restoran
- Mwen ale nan sinema
- Mwen ale nan teyat
- Mwen ale vote
- Twa timoun nan Plato Santral  

Cat. #: SP086F
ISBN #: 9781643820873