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  • The Happy in Haiti Collection

The Happy in Haiti Collection

by Carole Devillers



"Happy in Haiti" is a collection of 10 titles in which Anna shares her life and experiences with young readers. All books in this collection contain beautiful photos combined with texts to make reading fun.

Titles in this collection:

Anna Goes To The Hospital
The day begins badly for Anna. She falls and hurts herself. Her mom takes her to the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles, where everything, like tests and the results, are available on site. Anna is a little worried. Fortunately, her big brother also comes along.

Anna Gets Dressed
Anna wakes up very joyful this morning. With lots of fun ideas in her head! She's going to do lots of things. But only fun things! To do all that, she will need to change clothes many times throughout the day, and this is so exciting for Anna... because she loves to wear different things and dress up.

Anna Celebrates Her Birthday
Today is a big day for Anna: It's her birthday! Very early, she hurries with her brother to decorate the house before greeting her friends. She is so happy that she also invites you, young reader, to her party. Imagine you are blowing out the seven candles and eating a big piece of that cake with her. Hmmm.. it's so good! Anna and her friends have lots of fun ideas for games.

Anna Goes To The Beach
This is the story of a happy day spent at the seashore. Anna has so many adventures! either alone, or joined by marine animals! And a lot of discoveries too! The fisherman and their activities, boat trips.

Anna Goes To The Countryside
Today, Anna is very excited. She is going to the countryside. What an interesting stroll she has! On her donkey, off she goes. On her way she meets many animals happy to see her. To all of them, or almost all of them, she has something to give. And what is that? To know what she gives, follow her and discover her new friends who will also become your friends, young reader, as you learn to love them like Anna does.

Anna Goes To The Library
Today for homework, Anna has to write a short text on animals. Where is she going to find the information she needs? At the library, of course! And at the new Community Library of Deschapelles, Anna spends a wonderful day. There is so much to do! And she discovers unusuals facts about animals. Do you want to know more? Go with Anna to the library and you will be amazed at what you find!

Anna Goes to School
The big day has come: Anna goes to school! What joy! She is going to finally learn to read, write, count, and draw… Letters and numbers, lines and colors will soon have no more secret for her. Something however brings Anna’s enthusiasm down a little. She worries: will the teacher be nice? Will she be able to make friends among the students? But it is the first step that counts and soon Anna discovers the many surprises that await her in her new school.

Anna Goes To The Zoo
Anna has always been fond of animals. Today she is going to discover them: she is visiting the zoo. Wow! So many animals! And what a variety! She cannot believe her eyes: some totally black, some totally white; others with a long neck, or with a long nose, and so many others! Anna is amazed. She is also impatient to share her adventure with you, little friend. With Anna for guide, let her introduce you to this marvelous kingdom of wild animals.

Anna In The Kitchen
Today Anna has only one thing in mind… and her mother is really going to be surprised! Quickly Anna goes to the neighborhood merchant and chooses lots of beautiful fruit and vegetables. Do you know what she has in mind? Hmmm…. Well, Anna is going to do the cooking! Little friend, why don’t you join Anna in the kitchen? She will show you how to prepare good food to stay in good health. Ok?

Anna Visits Her Country
During the holidays, Anna sets out to discover her country. We can say she is a local tourist. She has itchy feet, so excited is she about visiting the cities, natural sites and historic monuments she has read about in her history and geography schoolbooks. What extraordinary thing is she going to discover? Will she find her country beautiful? Will she come back enchanted or disappointed? You will know the answer by joining Anna in her travel through Haiti. Then, will you be like her and become a local tourist too?