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  • Water Safety for Kids / Sekirite nan Dlo pou Timoun

Water Safety for Kids / Sekirite nan Dlo pou Timoun

by Kimberly Peterson



In “Water Safety for Kids” children learn through art and language. Whether enjoying the full-color art book with paintings depicting each important message, or coloring the pen and ink renditions of the same pictures in the activity book, “Water Safety for Kids” helps children understand safety, survival and swimming practices. Making the book bi-lingual reinforces the messages, because subconsciously children are reading the lessons over and over again, and improving their language skills! With more than 70% of the Earth’s surface covered with water, nearly all of us will spend time enjoying it. Statistics bear out how critical the water safety message is, particularly for our children, because whether we swim in oceans, or lakes, or canals or pools, the same rules apply. “Water Safety for Kids” promotes these rules in a clear and engaging way. Kimberly hopes all of you enjoy this unique and memorable approach to educate the kids about a very important subject, “Water Safety for Kids.”