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A Beloved Daughter Of Haiti

A Beloved Daughter Of Haiti

  • Author : Dr. Aurora Francois
  • ISBN : 9780982791608
  • Cat. Number : B1508
  • Price : $19.51
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Language : ENGLISH

"As her mind struggled to accept the enormity and gravity of the 7.5 scale earthquake's impact on her beloved communities in Haiti and Florida, her soul started using the pain, loss, despair, and transformed them into creative energy as she began to pour out her feelings like a woman possessed. when the writing frenzy was over, the beloved daughter of Haiti was energized while simultaneously at peace. This project is a classic example of how one person has harnessed the phenomenal power of emotion and the certainty that even from this disaster, the human spirit will be victorious!" 

Includes a 45 page Self Actualization Journal; a musical CD featuring 11 original songs.
All are written and sung by the author. 

Cat. #: B1508
ISBN #: 9780982791608